ASPASA is a non-profit body corporate with its own legal identity separate from that of its office bearers and members.  It is constituted and incorporated with perpetual succession, so that it continues to exist notwithstanding changes in the number or identity of its members from time to time.

ASPASA is a non-profit association established for the following objectives:

  • To study, research and implement solutions to any operations, logistics and other matters affecting the Industry, including but not limited to, those in the scientific, technical, documentary, skills, environmental, legal, health and safety, and institutional domains;
  • To act as a forum for its Members to ensure ethical and legal compliance but to ensure discussions are not in breach of Competition Legislation.
  • to influence the legal framework for the Industry and its application in the fields of mining licenses, rehabilitation, health and safety and product quality, skills development, technical, quality and
  • To generally represent the interests of the participants in the Industry .

In order to implement its objectives, ASPASA seeks in particular:

  • To monitor and seek to actively influence legislative regulatory and other developments affecting the Industry;
  • To collect and disseminate information about legislative, regulatory and other developments in the Industry.
  • To play an active role for members and other stakeholders in order to identify and debate key issues facing the Industry.
  • To co-operate with similar associations worldwide.
  • To maintain a membership base which is as wide and representative of the Industry as possible, as well as to foster the exchange of information and technology between companies and other relevant bodies.
  • Where applicable to develop and disseminate technical standards and codes and also identify, codify, promote and disseminate best practice regarding health and safety, environmental, economical and technical issues.
  • To represent the collective views and interests of its Members, and when appropriate to act on behalf of its Members, as a principal point of contact with the Industry’s key constituencies in SA and overseas.

ASPASA’s focus remains largely on creating an environmental that is fair and equitable and gives their members space to manoeuvre.  Simultaneously, ASPASA requires its members to comply with all relevant legislation, as well as to uphold the strictest standards in quality, health, safety and environmental issues.
Annual audits are in place to assist members to achieve set requirements and to ensure that they comply with the relevant legislation.

Categories of Membership

Producer Member

  • Quarries
  • Rock Dumps
  • Mobile Crushing
  • Rubble Crushing
  • Ash & Coal
  • Borrow Pit
  • Other

Affiliate Members

  • Affiliate Members
  • Aggregate & Sand
  • Clay Brick
  • Salt
  • Granite
  • Other
Associate Members

Legal Compliance applies to both Producer and affiliate Members and covers:

Environmental MPRDA, MHSA, Water Act, Other

ASPASA Focus Areas

Legal Compliance

  • Technical
  • Environmental
  • Public Relations

Government Liaison

  • Transport
  • International Liaison
  • General

Skills Development

  • Health & Safety
  • Local Liaison

All these important issues are represented through expert committees with senior and knowledgeable specialists serving to give informed input on all matters. Through these committees, programs are developed to assist the industry to meet development objectives and improve the overall standards.

In keeping with its world-class standards, ASPASA is also a highly regarded member of the Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN).


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