Why use an ASPASA Member

1.On Health and Safety

Aspasa is fully committed to contribute and cooperate within the quarry industry in order to provide safety information and systems and to ensure that no operating condition or situation can every justify endangering the life or health of any person.

ASPASA’s Objectives are:

  • Compliance with applicable Health and Safety legislation.
  • Support efforts in improvement to Health and Safety in the workplace.
  • Promote Health and Safety training.
  • Assist members in addressing Health and Safety risks.
  • Maintain communication channels with authorities and affected parties.
  • Participation in the ASPASA Health and Safety (ISHE) Audit program.
  • Integration of Health and Safety management in the day to day management functions.
  • The commitment, participation and cooperation of all our employees are vital to the success of this program.

2. On the Environment

ASPASA recognises that Environmental stewardship of natural resources serves as the foundation of sustainable development.

Accordingly ASPASA and its members commit their operation to:

  • Responsible mining and rehabilitation practices
  • Compliance with applicable environmental legislation
  • Integrating environmental management in the day to day management functions
  • Optimising the recovery and use of resources
  • Providing relevant environmental training and awareness to their employees
  • Maintaining communication channels with authorities, neighbours and other stakeholders
  • Participating in the ASPASA About Face RSA Environmental Management Program.

Environmental performance of member operations will receive recognition through the ASPASA About Face RSA Awards.

3. In Regard to customers

Accordingly, the members of ASPASA commit themselves and their organisations to the following principles of business ethics:

  • To disclose relevant information regarding our products and not to mislead customers about our product
  • To charge the agreed price, or where no price was agreed, a fair price
  • To supply our products timeously, and keep the customer informed of any delays in supply
  • To maintain standards of quality in accordance with our understanding or any agreement made with the company
  • To provide reasonable guarantee of conformation of the product to industry standards, and replace or otherwise make good any product which is below standard.
  • To provide a ready means for the customer to lodge complaints about the quality of the products
  • To not permit or condone any acts of bribery
  • To respect the confidentiality of sensitive producer or customer information

4. In regard to suppliers

Aspasa members commit themselves

  • To inform a supplier of any bribe or attempted bribe by the supplier’s personnel of any of our employees or ourselves.
  • To terminate dealing with any supplier that bribes or attempts to bribe our employees
  • To meet our obligations to suppliers or creditors within any time agreed
  • To inform suppliers or creditors timeously of any inability to meet our obligations, and to take account of the interests of our suppliers or creditors when requesting an extension of time in which to pay.

5. In regard to employees

Aspasa members commit themselves

  • to deal courteously with employees, having regard to cultural sensitivities and individual dignity
  • to give due attention to training and development of employees
  • to provide safe working conditions, including adequate machinery and equipment, protective clothing and competent supervision in terms of applicable legislation
  • to promote without discrimination, and provide opportunities for promotion
  • to recognise employees’ efforts by fair remuneration and other means
  • to comply with laws governing labour relations and conditions of employment
  • to deal openly and fairly in collective bargaining with the employees or their representative

6. In regard to competitors

Aspasa members commit themselves

  • Not to cast negative aspersions on a competitor or its products
  • To compete in the industry fairly and within the parameters of the law and accepted commercial competitive practice
  • Not to acquire confidential information of a competitor by suborning his employees, or by other improper means

7.  In regard to society at large

Aspasa members commit themselves

  • To pay due regard to safety, occupational and public health considerations
  • To participate within our means in projects that will uplift the community in which we operate to strive for excellence in our environmental management.