How many operating quarries/crushing plants or sand producing operations do you have?
What were your total sales of aggregate products and sand for the previous calendar year ended 31 December? Please specify whether tons or cubic meters (preferably tons)
Number of employees employed?
Number of trucks in use?
(This does not count material bought out and re-sold or unprocessed materials such a fill. Figures to the nearest 1000 are acceptable)

DECLARATION:(place an "X" in the appropriate box)


On the date of the application, the applicant undertakes the following:

  1. I/We apply to join Aspasa as a Producer Member. I/We undertake to pay a minimum of one year's subscription which is non-refundable.
  2. So as to allow Aspasa to evaluate a new member before an application can be processed, you as the applicant need to complete the following in full.
    1. You undertake to abide by Constitution of Aspasa (see Aspasa website:
    2. You agree that all your quarries - permanent and temporary - will be audited by the Aspasa Independent Auditor within 3 months after joining, before your company and all its quarries can be viewed as a producer member of Aspasa.
    3. You undertake to keep Aspasa updated on all changes of staff, closure of quarries, etc. for Aspasa to be able to keep its records up to date. (will include website updates)
    4. In terms of classes of membership and membership rules you need to indicate the status of your operation by ticking the following: Do your quarries comply with the minimum requirements set by Aspasa in that:-
      • Aggregate is measured by weight with properly maintained and regularly calibrated weighing equipment?
      • Do your quarries have "mining licenses" or have applications been made for these?
      • Do your quarries attempt to comply with all Health & Safety & Environmental legislation?
      • Do you support the view that for a healthy industry to exist, that all members should support the industry body?


Do you agree to the following?

  • Submit your application with the proper required and relevant information to support the application which will result in this information being presented by the Director to the elected Mancom for final approval?
  • Undertake to pay the registration fee as well as the audit fee for all your plants before your application can be further processed.
Registration Fee :

Registration fee : R12 000.00 (excl VAT) - deductible from membership levy fee payable

Audit Fee ISHE (Initiating Safety, Health & Education) - R9487.00 per plant (excl VAT) About Face RSA - Environmental - R9116.00 per plant (excl VAT)

Payments must be made to :
 First National Bank
 Account No.: 54920044804
 Branch Code: 251705 - Main Street Branch

Upon return of the duly completed application form, an invoice will be issued with the full amount payable. Proof of payment must be emailed to Once the total fee has been received, application form will be submitted to Mancom for approval. Should your application not be successful all fees paid will be reimbursed. Note: the membership fee of R12 000.00 is offset again the minimum charge of R12 000.00 (excl Vat). Membership will be calculated on Tonnage produced the previous calendar year. Should this be less than the prescribed fee, then a minimum charge of R12 000.00 (excl VAT) will be implemented.

  • No details of plants of new members will be placed on the Aspasa website until the audits have been undertaken and the membership has been confirmed in writing.
  • Update your membership profile must accompany this form

I/We accept and agree to abide by the liabilities and obligations of Aspasa.

Signed at on this