Please complete the below information and return with your levy questionnaire.

A complete and accurate profile not only ensures that the information sent out gets to the correct person in your company, but also ensure that only the relevant people get the info. Please complete the below information and return with your supplier membership application.


  • I/We apply to join Aspasa as an Associate Member. I/We undertake to pay a minimum of one year's subscription.
  • I/We: (Tick as appropriate and ensure VAT is included in your payment).
    • Enclose a cheque for R12 000.00 (Excl VAT) made payable to Aspasa.
    • Attach a copy of a Bank Deposit Slip, confirming payment into the bank account of Aspasa* (Aspasa, FNB, B/Code 251705, Acc No: 54920044804)
  • I/We accept and agree to abide by the liabilities and obligations of membership.


  • ASPASA regularly updates members on legal issues,
  • ASPASA Associate members enjoy the benefit of knowledge-based workshops that provide them the tools to be on the cutting edge of industry standards and practices.
  • ASPASA provides Associate members with a tangible network to assist with introductory or present customer needs.
  • ASPASA members are leaders in their communities and industry and are prideful that they belong to an association that emphasizes the highest of standards.
  • Access to Producer Members