Health & Safety & Fatigue Management workshop – KZN



In December 2014 the DMR published in GG38339 (no R1025) a guideline for the COP for Risk Management. ASPASA is aware that many member companies have been battling to comply with the COP.

Action taken

ASPASA sourced a service provider specialising in Fatigue Management. This service provider operates in all mining sectors in SA as well as internationally.

Alex Raymond, the fatigue specialist did site specific risk assessments at 3 of ASPASA's member operations. These included – large, medium and small operations.

The objective of this exercise was to familiarise the specialist with working of smaller opencast operations, as per requirement of the DMR Guideline, paragraph 7, also see page 6 in the attached document.

What next?

The issues captured in the attached document, paragraph 8 on page 6 - 8, lists the possible causes which needs to be addressed in the fatigue management implementation plan.

ASPASA members now need to take the attached document to adapt and customize for each specific operation (see yellow area). (ANNEXURE A)

To assist members with the above ASPASA and BSS have scheduled a 2 day practical workshop to assist managers and supervisors with the fine tuning of their documents, which as members are aware is a legal requirement and section 54’s have been issued on this subject.

See Annexure H & I in the attached document.

The training courses & workshops have been scheduled as follows:

Training Dates:

Gauteng Western Cape KZN
Day 1 - 22 June 2017 Day 1 - 20 July 2017 Day 1 - 17 August 2017
Day 2 - 23 June 201 7 Day 2 - 21 July 2017 Day 2 - 18 August 2017

A detailed circular to follow with workshop outline. NOTE: Document - Annexure A must be worked through before attending the workshop and must be brought along to the workshop. The cost of the workshop will be R3800.00 for 2 full days and will include lunch and refreshments.

The first session will be to educate Managers and Supervisors to implement "Code of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures on Fatigue according to the DMR requirements.

Following on from that session, will be a second session to educate Operators – "Fatigue Assessment, education and Self-Management of Operators"".

Training Dates:

Gauteng Western Cape KZN
29 June 2017 27 July 2017 25 August 2017

A detailed circular to follow with workshop outline. The cost of the workshop will be R1900.00 and will include lunch and refreshments.

ASPASA members need to take note that according to the guideline, a Fatigue Risk Assessment and Sleep Disorder Screen should be part of the required annual medical as per the MHSA.

ASPASA is willing to coordinate, in conjunction with BSS Africa, to hold a specific workshop to guide and assist Occupational Hygienists and Medical Practitioners and Nurses in what is required and how to evaluate this specialist field.

These sessions could be done the afternoon before the workshop and listed above.

ASPASA members to supply the office with details regard the medical teams that require a 2-3 hour workshop.


Registration: 08:00 – course commences at 08:30

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Gauteng Western Cape KZN

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