Nico Pienaar has had a broad experience career.

He has worked in a Law Firm, in an Insurance Company, Bank, Credit Company, a Trade Union, the building industry, corporate groups of companies and employers/producers association. Has covered the legal field, banking industry, the vehicle finance industry, mining, manufacturing industry and construction, and concrete industry, training, industrial relations, negotiations, etc.


Nico has not completed his law degree, but then did various diplomas and advance diplomas in Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Training.

He also did a B-Tech in HR and training, an advanced diploma in Labour Law and them his M. Phil in Labour Law and Industrial Relations (equal to an LLM).

Leadership Roles

Nico has filled positions as General Secretary of a Union, Group Industrial Relations Advisor, and Group HR Executive & Director. He has chaired various functions in industry, but also in his community.

Was the Chairperson of a 4 x 4 club, and the Estate he lives in. Served on many bodies from his union days until presently. Also as a director of bodies in the private sector and executive roles in industry bodies.